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About Market Place

Freelancing Solutions Market Place allowing you to sell your services and products online very easily and without any hassles, anyone can sell anything online and our systems makes it even more easier to sell your products and services online.

Advantages of Freelancing Solutions Market Place

  1. Integrated with our Affiliate Marketing Program those insuring more exposure and better sales from day one.
  2. Our Market Place Allows you to better promote your Services, Company, Website more easily as you can sell services and products from your own company website in our market place.
  3. We make it easy for anyone with a product or service to enter the online market as our system allows you to start selling without advertising.
  4. How it Works

    Our Market place allows merchants selling trusted services to actively promote and sell their services within our market place and we insure this by making use of our point system designed to promote only the services from our most trusted merchants. This insures that customers of our market place can safely purchase anything from our market and be sure that they will get what they are looking for.

    Further more by holding funds for services until a customer assures us that they are satisfied with the service rendered we insure that merchants do their best to satisfy our customers at all times.

    Should there be any misconduct during a sale of service either party that is a seller and or buyer is allowed to make use of our complains system to launch a complaint against the other party and our adminitrators will attend to it with an aim of resolving the the situation fairly.

    The Reputation System

    Bought Reputation Points are temporary and only last for ten days after which Our algorithm will launch and recalculate all the reputation points based on activities for the past ten days, and then also take into account newly bought reputation points. And then show the result for the next ten days.

    Buying reputation Points from our members services also helps boost permanent reputation points as it allows your services and shop to be visible to our customers for a while and able to gether permanent reputation points

    How to get listed on our TopTen

    Anyone who is selling a service through our market place can be listed on our top ten only through the reputation scores gathered from:

What can you sell in our Market Place

We allow our clients to sell any virtual service or products for example:

  1. Website Development Services

  2. HTML Templates

  3. Scripts & Applications

    (Java, PHP, Perl Scripts, Python, C#, C++, GAE Apps, and many more
  4. WordPress Themes & Plugins

  5. Android Applications

  6. SEO Services

  7. SEO-Link Building

  8. SEO Article Writing

  9. Graphic Designs

  10. Logos

  11. Websites

How to Buy Services and Products in Market Place

There are multiple ways to find services and products in our market place all of which allows you to buy services and products with some degree of confidence afforded by the way we list services and products in our market place:

Featured Services By Reputation

This allows you to buy services or products depending on the reputation of such a service or product in our market place, this works by allowing previous buyers to rate the service or product in our market place thereby listing the best service or product first.
This insures that when you buy a service or product you are at least insured that you will get the best possible service or product in that category.

Featured Shops By Reputation

Again certain shops will gain reputations by selling services and products that are loved by buyers and again insuring you the buyer in that even if that shop introduces a previously unkown service you can at least be sure that the shop owner or owners do not have a bad reputation before buying anything in their shop.

Latest Shops

This allows you to view shops that where just created in our market place, although risky buying within this shops can allow you to get certain services in a bargain as certain vendors can lower prices to gain a foothold in our market place.

Latest Services

Latest services do not necessarily list services by new merchants so it is advisable to first check if a certain merchant has history before buying a new service in this category. although this category does not offer much in terms of security to the buyer, buyers can find affordable services here.

Featured Shops:

Featured Shops by Category:

Featured Services

Featured Services By Category

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